5starI ended up calling Dr. Moore @ Moore Veterinary Care out of desperation. A friend up the street encouraged me to get a second opinion for my cat. He suffers from chronic sinus infections and has been spewing green snot all over my house for months! Nothing has worked to help him. Upon first look at the practice I was not to sure given it is in what appears to be a tiny house but we quickly settled in once we realized how sweet the office staff was and I really began to enjoy the “down-home country” feel. I felt like I was at a little country vet who really cared about my animal and not just my money.

The staff was professional and courteous, they saw me in a timely manner, we did not have to wait more then 5 minutes to see the doctor, I was able to get an appointment on the same day which was nice too. I could tell that Dr. Moore really cares about my cat. She spent her time with us and gave me different options and she was not pushy in any way. I also saw a sign on the wall and I can’t quote it perfectly but it says something to the fact that …..they realize people have different economic/money needs so do not hesitate to ask for a quote…. (i’m sure I’m making a mess out of their quote haha).

Dr. Moore also has loads of experience and for a second opinion for my cat that is what I was looking for. I was also impressed that she did not just tell me to go to VMSG and have to spend loads of money….but instead was able to give me different options because of her experience and knowledge. I would not hesitate to take your furry family member here!!!

Tami G.

San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA


5starFour cats later and I STILL LOVE THIS VET! I even love the cute little house the office is in, even though it can get crowded when big dogs are there, LOL.

The pets are always treated as though they were her own, and I have always received thorough explanations of the diagnosis and clear, detailed instructions for my responsibilities in the treatment plan.

Dr Moore’s staff is pleasant and has great follow up post visit. Dr Moore’s office has even arranged for me to pick up medications and supplies outside of their business hours to accommodate my work schedule.

Yes, it’s pricey- unfortunately that is part of caring for your furry friends. The cost here is still less than taking them to the 24 hour place on Victoria or the other place on Sperry, which I’ve also had to do in the past.

Monique C.

Ventura, CA


5starAfter our Kitty started having eye tremors & being jittery after her regular monthly dose of Advantage flea medication, I called Dr. Moore’s office. After explaining what was happening I was told Doctor would return call with advice when done with patient. She called within 30 minutes. After our Bailey had a seizure we called again and was told we could bring her right in, this was as they were about to close. We brought her right in. She said Bailey most likely had licked some of the med off and had been poisoned by it.

After using Advantage for 4 yrs on her & our other kitties, we had Never had this happen! I was pretty terrified she wasn’t going to make it. Dr. Moore immediately bathed her, gave her Valium & started an IV. She kept her overnight,,taking her Home with her where she cared for Bailey all night during 5 more seizures. She called me at 8 am to tell me how Bailey was doing, and that it looked like the worse was over. We picked her up at noon, and she was so happy to see us & to be home! She rested, ate, drank and was very spoiled with love, as always, all night.

By morning she was completely herself. Not 1other seizure. I’m not sure if Bailey would have survived the night if not for the Loving care of Dr. Moore & her staff! She knew of our financial concerns and the cost was not overly expensive. We feel truly Blessed to have found her and our forever grateful for saving our Bailey! ( She called me the next morning to check to make sure Bailey was doing alright. She really went beyond kindness for Bailey) PLEASE be EXTRA CAREFUL when applying these spot-on flea treatments!

We always have put it as high up on the top of the neck as we could. Bailey doesn’t like the feeling of the medicine going on her neck (most cats don’t) and she moved enough to where the Advantage was dropped lower on her neck to where she could reach it and licked enough off to make her Very sick! I don’t know what we’ll be using from here on for our kitties for fleas as this experience was pretty traumatizing for all of us. We are just SO grateful Bailey is here, happy & purring away again.

Dee V.

Ventura, CA


5starMy husband and I had a great experience with Dr. Moore and her staff taking care of our sick kitty, who had been lethargic and losing weight. We came for a second opinion after test results at another vet had not given us clear answers to address his health issues.

Dr. Moore tirelessly walked through the potential causes for our kitty’s illness. She relied not only on his test results, but also leveraged her deep experience and background with animals who’ve presented with similar challenges. She recommended a food change to rule out allergies before resorting to costly and invasive procedures. She even personally taught me to administer hydration to help our cat feel better in the short term.

We are a week into treatment, and our cat’s appetite and energy is noticeably improved. We are grateful for Dr. Moore looking at the whole picture to try and find answers.

Bree H.

San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA


5starI brought my pet rat into Dr. Moore’s office after struggling to find someone that would see my exotic pet. It is a very small but very clean little house off Main St.

Dr Moore came out to gather some paperwork and heard my rat in his travel box making a labored breathing noise and immediately came over and examined him. She was gentle, asked lots of questions and seemed genuinely concerned.

She discussed several treatments with me as well as health supplements that she explained thoroughly. She even gave my rat some bark to chew on from her personal stash. My rat’s respiratory problem is cleared up and I am so happy to have found a vet that cares so well for small animals.

Laura K.

Ventura, CA


5starKaren has taken care of my animals for over 25 years. She is a thorough, caring vet and was very kind and helpful to me when I was doing end of life care for my cat who had KD. Karen took time out to counsel me through the difficult decision of when it was time to part with my beloved animal even though at the same time she was saying goodbye to her own father who was dying. For this I am eternally grateful.

Karen is a very knowledgeable doctor who keeps up with current technologies in animal health care which I appreciate.

Donna G.

Ventura, CA


5starI came to Dr. Moore because she was recommended to me by a friend. I came not over a week ago and she told me all the info I needed to know and more about the kitten I had just adopted. She told me what to look out for when it came to my kitten having a temper to him being super loving. (I adopted a siamese kitten) She told me about how old my kitten should be when he starts to lose his baby teeth, to what food is recommended, etc.

She did a full exam and wrote up an estimate for me to see what options I had for the future when I decided to neuter him when he is the appropriate age, what vaccines he needed etc. I was informed of the price and recommendations, which were not “added without my knowing” like other reviews say. I was very pleased with Dr. Moore and her staff which were very nice. She will continue to be my kitten’s vet.

Judy Percins


5starWe adopted a 14 year old Alaskan husky, retired sled dog that had run in the Iditarod several times. She was having difficulty getting around due to soreness in her shoulders & hips. Dr. Moore has been treating her for several months now with a K-laser.

She is like a new dog! Amazing results! Her head is held up high now & she can’t wait to go for walks. Dr. Moore’s treatment has been incredible. I encourage any & all pet owners to take advantage of the wonderful care that Dr. Moore provides. We wouldn’t think of entrusting the health of our dogs with anybody else.

Michael Machuzak

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