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Meet Our Veterinary Team

Cassie, Veterinary Assistant

• Education: Office and Veterinary Assistant Program•
• Hometown: Santa Paula, CA
• Pets: Biinx and Ollie (Cats)

Cassie completed the Office and Veterinary Assistant Program at Ventura Community College in Ventura, CA in 2005 and 2011. She then joined Moore Veterinary Care in 2012 upon completion of the programs. Cassie is also currently enrolled in a Veterinary Assistant program through the California Veterinary Medical Association, or the CVMA, to become certified.

After being an Office Manager for a few years, she decided that she wanted to get into the field that she always loved. Cassie has been interested in the Veterinary field since she was a kid, having dogs, cats, reptiles and fish, she always had a love for animals; but not exactly when it came to feeding mealworms to her iguanas.

Along with Cassie’s general technical duties, Cassie follows up with care for our patients, discussing patient progress with pet owners and reporting her updates of the patient, back to Dr. Moore. Cassie’s recently become a mom and enjoys spending time with her son and watching him grow and learn new things every day. Her special interests include, getting tattoos, photography, going to the race track with her husband, son and best friends, going out with friends, spending time with family and crocheting.

Sonya, Veterinary Assistant

• Education: Certified Veterinary Assistant Program
• Hometown: Oxnard, CA
• Pets:  Nelly (bunny), Pickles (frog), Harley (dog)

Sonya completed the Veterinary Assistant Program at U.S Career Institute, 2017. She has had many pets growing up ranging from frogs, bearded dragons, and snakes, to birds, dogs, and bunnies. Sonya joined Moore Veterinary Care in April 2018, after working four and a half  years in administration at a skydive drop zone and eight years in retail. Sonya has always loved helping animals, including spiders, and found great comfort being around them.

Sonya’s special interests include: spending time with family and friends, animals, tattoos, working out, learning new things, giving her fellow coworkers a hard time, and keeping busy.

Jasmine, Veterinary Assistant

• Education: Currently enrolled at Ventura College and pursuing a Bachelors in Environmental Science
Veterinary Assistant training completed at Moore Veterinary Care
• Hometown: Riverside, CA
• Pets: Clayton Kershaw (dog), Bleu (dog)

Jasmine joined Moore Veterinary Care in January 2017. She previously worked in Customer Service for several years. She was very enthusiastic to join the team and pursue her dreams of working with animals. Jasmine has always been a huge animal lover, having dogs all her life and other small pocket pets. She especially loved the wild burros that always hung out in her front yard. Right now she has a cocker-spaniel mix named Clayton – who is her best friend of all time. She is currently working on her degree in Environmental Science and hopes to pursue a career based in resource conservation.

When she has free time, Jasmine likes to hang out with her dog Clayton and teach him new tricks. Clayton currently knows over twenty commands- and is still learning more. She enjoys gardening and being out in the sun enjoying nature. 

Shannon, Veterinary Assistant

Having had a love of animals as far back as she can remember, Shannon has fostered many dogs and has owned dogs, cats, birds, snakes, lizards, tortoises, amphibians, and fish. She has worked in a luxury kennel, helping with in-board training, and managed two full line pet stores.  She worked directly with many exotics, including hawks, an owl, turkey vulture, coatimundi, raccoons, a monkey, iguanas, Amazon parrots, large boas and pythons, raised baby black leopards and a mountain lion. Shannon has also performed educational shows with them.  She loves working in an environment that is unpredictable, and full of opportunities to learn.

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