Sep 25 2017


We all know you don’t have to tell us twice that natural disasters can be terrifying. We don’t know when they are going to happen, where or even what it is going to be. For us Californians, we have earthquake watch, flash flooding (when it does rain) or extreme heat warnings, we do know that we can expect some type of warning (luckily) but what about everyone else? The natural disasters that are going on on the other side of the states, hurricanes, earthquakes, are we prepared? We want to make sure for any situation that we are prepared for those situations when they come, especially for our pets. Make sure everything is up to date as far as vaccines, records and personal information. Having files in electronic form can be a huge help, take pictures of the last invoice you got from your veterinarian, last rabies certificate, updated microchip info and addresses. All of these can help you when a difficult situation can come up unexpectedly. If you need any information from your veterinarian, call and get the appropriate paperwork you need.

We can also supply a link for you to get Rescue Alert Stickers for your pets. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

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