Sep 25 2017

Canine Influenza..

I know that Canine Influenza can sound scary but there’s a reason for that, it should be scary.. With all the symptoms that come with contracting Canine Influenza, there are many things to be afraid of, like, coughing, sneezing, fever, lethargy, nasal discharge, rapid breathing, and loss of appetite. These are all things that can happen that would freak anyone out right? Well the thing about this, is that it can be prevented with vaccines. There is a Canine Influenza vaccine that you can get from your veterinarian, but you need to make sure to keep up with the vaccine every year, as you would with a Rabies, Distemper Parvo (DAPP), Bordetella vaccines. When being out and about with your dog, playing at the park or beach its hard to trust that all pet owners at the park or beach (public pet friendly places) are keeping up with vaccines as you are / could be, that’s the first step in breaking the cycle of contacting anything. BE SAFE and make sure to get vaccines done, we love seeing out clients, but we wouldn’t want to see you anytime soon!


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